Lovely Friendship Sms

FRIENDSHIP is not how u forget
How you forgive,
How you listen
How you understand,
What you see,
How you feel,
But Not
How you let it go
How you HOLD ON

Seconds for Introduction,
Minutes for discussion,
Hours for attraction,
Days for construction &
years for relation is

We share our heartaches and our joy
Cause that what friends are for
Knowing we can be “our selves”
To heart with an “open door”
Advice is free and it’s meant to be
A caring gesture of love..

Frnz R D Smell Of Cigrates
Whch Stays In D
Finger Tips 4 A Short Time
Bt True Frnz R Lik D
Nicotine In D Cigrates
Which Stay In D Heart Til Death..

A FrIeNd OpEnS a CoNvErSaTiOn WiTh A fUlL nEwZ bUlLeTiN oN hIs LiFe …
A rEaL fRiEnD sAyZ:
“wHaT’s NeW wItH yOu ?” (:
EnJoY fRiEnDs On ThIs SpEcIaL dAy

Hearts could only love for a while,
Feet could only walk for some miles,
Clothes won’t forever be in style,
But having You as my Friend is forever worthwhile.

Keeping a friend is as difficult
as losing one. U sacrifice a lot to
Keep Them. I may not have sacrificed
enough 4 u… But in my heart i swear
i’m Keeping u..

Respect those
friends who find
time 4 u in their
busy schedule
Love those friends
who never see
their schedule
when u need

Don’t be angry on your friends
Because at the last moment of your life
We remember not the words of our enemies
But the silence of our FRIENDS.

Love is like missed call.
It stop when u try 2 catch.
But friendship is like sms bcoz it comes &
Stays inside your Inbox.

Everyday I see lots of strangers passing by me
This makes me realised that,
Life would be boring, without a friend like you.

U Can Nvr Find A Perfect Frnd In Me
Coz Wat Makes Me Human
Is My Imprefection
FRIEND Not Perfect But True

Best friends are like pairs of scissors…
When together they often go in different directions
But they give punishment to those
Who dare to come between them!

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