Short Friendship Sms

“FRIEND” Who is:
F : First for me,
R : Ready anytime for me,
I : Inspire me,
E : Enjoy life with me,
N : Never forgets me,
D : Dear its U.
Always “FRIEND”.

During our friendship,
there will be times
you wont see me beside you,
don’t think I left you behind,
I just choose to walk behind you
so I can catch when you Fall.

Never ever try to test friendship
because friends are like diamonds
when you hit them they don’t break
but may slip away from your life

A rupee is easy 2 earn,
a friend is hard 2 find.
A rupee loses its value,
a friend increases its worth,
I lost a rupee when I sms U but who cares.
I got a friend like U.

A friend is always welcome
Early in the morning or late at night.
Time is of no importance
When it concerns real friendship!

My soul REACTED,
My heart ACCEPTED,
thousands wer REJECTED,
but u wer selected to b my
…… sweet frnd…..

Friends are amazing when they are new,
They are wonderful when they are true,
But do you know they are a blessing
When they r like u.

My heart’s like an open book.
It depends on how U read me.
Don’t judge me by my cover.
Look in and discover….
I will be ur True Friend forever…

Stars has 5 ends
Square has 4 ends
Trinagle has 3 ends
Line has 2 ends
but Circle of our friendship has no end…

Friendship is like a tree,
It is not measured on how tall it could be,
But is on how deep,
The roots have grown.

A good friend is like a computer,
Enter ”ur life”
Save you in my heart;
Format ur problems
”Shift” u 2 opportunities
Never”delete”u from …memory.

You are not only the friend I found,
You are an angel who walks on the ground,
I could search my whole life through,
And I know I’ll not find another friend like U.

Friends are like shoes,
Some loose some tight,
Some fit just right,
And they help us as we walk through life.
Thanks for being just right for me!

The best time of ur life
are those when u say
“YES” i m fine,
& u know that
someone would look into your eyes
& say “ENOUGH, now tell the truth!”

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